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OVULAR is an excellent ovulation test in one package of 5 tests. With the help of this test you can reliably determine the period of ovulation and the ideal time for conception. Ovular is a valuable tool which determines the period in which the egg cells and sperm will meet under the best possible conditions.

The package contains 5 tests, which are necessary for determining ovulation in one month. Testing begins on approximately the 11th day (precise day according to package leaflet) by immersing in a vessel containing urine. In the case of a positive result, ovulation will commence in the next 24-48hours. The ideal time for sexual intercourse is after 24 hours but before 48 hours. 

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Technical specifications

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A unique device with 98% accuracy, no bigger than a lipstick.

Its design and accuracy makes GERATHERM OVU CONTROL a revolutionary innovation for diagnosis of fertile days.
On the basis of a simple saliva sample, this unique device is able to identify fertile days and ovulation, when the probability of a woman becoming pregnant is highest, with an accuracy rate of 98%.
The extremely discrete OVU CONTROL GERATHERM test, the size of a lipstick, is intended for unlimited daily use.
It is a saliva test for identifying fertile and non-fertile days. The test may be used as needed, and no limit on length of use applies.
Reliability of the test requires correct procedure according to the instructions and correct evaluation of the results.
This product IS EXPLICITLY NOT a contraceptive aid.
For best results, the OVU CONTROL GERATHERM test should be used in the morning before eating, drinking, cleaning your teeth or smoking.
The device contains batteries that are easy to change.

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